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Feel that you’ve been wronged? Searching for an employment lawyer in the Gold Coast or Brisbane? We are here to assist. As a bespoke law firm, we are dedicated to advocating for the rights of employees.

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We understand that you’ve worked hard to establish your career and it’s not just a job, it’s your passion.

It can be soul destroying to lose out when you’ve invested so much. When your livelihood is at stake, your quality of life is also impacted. Anxiety, stress and frustration are common when there is uncertainty in your place of employment.

Employment Lawyers Who Care

That’s where we come in. If you think you are a victim of unfair dismissal, general protections, discrimination, bullying or harassment or you have been underpaid or mistreated, we are here to assist.

You don’t have to feel powerless; we help you navigate the legal system, to understand your rights and make informed decisions.

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After an initial consultation, we’ll establish whether you have a case and advise on the best approach.

We are committed to putting the power back in your hands, ensuring you are in control of the entire process of resolving your employment law issues.

When you engage Rubix Legal, you can be sure that we are dedicated to caring for your overall well-being.

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Make your selection from a range of options, tailored to suit your requirements. Opt for once-off legal advice or allow us to manage the entire process from consultation through to legal representation.

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What’s even better, we offer value-based pricing, so that you know how much the service will cost before you proceed. With a free initial 20-minute call, we offer affordability.

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Rubix Legal - Employment Lawyers Gold Coast & Brisbane



At Rubix Legal we are all about placing value on people. We want you to be equipped and empowered to thrive so you can move on to do the best work of your life.


We are exclusive to employees and only advise, act for and represent employees. This means you can relax, knowing that we are completely on your side.


We make employment law user-friendly and easy to understand. We don’t want you to walk away from your legal experience feeling disillusioned or confused.


Rubix Legal delivers exceptional legal services and bespoke solutions tailored just for you and your circumstances. We treat each case individually without assumptions.


We deliver price certainty. We despise fee surprises as much as you do and believe price should be determined by the value you receive, not the time taken to deliver.


At Rubix Legal we inspire you to succeed in your chosen profession. We don’t just solve your legal issues, we offer holistic support to enhance your career.

What best describes your legal issue?

Our Employment Lawyers are ready to assist

Have you been unfairly dismissed from your employment? You may have a case under the Fair Work Act, which states that you must be given a valid reason and afforded procedural fairness before termination.

If you’ve been treated adversely in the workplace because you exercised a workplace right, were temporarily absent due to illness or have been discriminated against, our employment lawyers are here to assist.

Discrimination occurs when you are treated less favourably in the workplace than another employee, just because you have a particular attribute such as age, gender, marital status or ethnicity. This is a breach of State and Federal discrimination laws.

Bullying & Harassment

Bullying and harassment includes, but is not limited to, receiving repeated and unwanted acts by someone else that are intimidating or hurtful, or unwanted advances of a sexual nature.


When an employee’s position is made redundant due to financial difficulties or company restructure, it is important to seek legal advice. Our employment lawyers can lead you through the process to ensure that you get what you deserve and aren’t misinformed. 

There’s nothing worse than being underpaid. An employee must be paid what they are entitled to, under the applicable Modern Award, the Enterprise Agreement, or their Employment Contract.


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