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Rubix Legal was established by Nikolina Palasrinne, who was tired of the old ways of doing law and determined to find a better way of delivering value to her clients. Offering a fresh approach, Rubix Legal assists professional employees to resolve their legal disputes across a diverse range of occupations, including general managers, senior executives and CEOs through to customer service and accounts, sales and marketing, medical professionals, accountants, lawyers, human resources, finance professionals and receptionists to name a few.

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Principal & Founder

Nikolina Palasrinne

Professional Background

Nikolina Palasrinne is passionate about helping individuals thrive at work. Genuine and personable, she simplifies complex legal issues, helping resolve difficult and stressful workplace disputes for employees. With an extensive background in employment law, workplace relations, discrimination, and education law, Nikolina is dedicated to giving employees a voice. She equips her clients to lead meaningful careers and navigate through employment challenges.

For close to a decade, Nikolina has successfully represented both employees and employers. With a deep understanding of the legal complexities and the heartache that employees can face, her zealous and caring approach has solved many workplace matters.

As Principal and Founder of Rubix Legal, Nikolina offers expert employment law advice to employees facing a range of legal matters.

Her mission is simple; to equip and empower professionals to do their best work and get what they deserve in all areas of life.

Nikolina’s unique ability to inspire people to overcome legal challenges is why clients seek her out from a variety of occupations including:

Professional services, legal, local government, media and entertainment, health and support services, aged care, education, aviation, clerical, sales, hospitality and  retail, to name a few.

When you engage Rubix Legal, you can expect the utmost level of care and attention. Your needs will be considered both relating to your specific legal issue at hand, along with your long term career objectives.

Giving back to the community

Social Justice

A graduate of Griffith University with honours in law and criminology, Nikolina is passionate about social justice and using the law as a means to bring about positive change.

To serve the global community, Nikolina partners with philanthropic organisations to advocate for the abolishment of human-trafficking in underprivileged countries.

Dedicated to creating change in her community, she volunteers at a local legal centre, providing free employment law advice to disadvantaged members of the community.

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Our Story

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Why we are different

At Rubix Legal we are focused on delivering value for our clients.

The last thing we want you to do is walk away from your legal experience disillusioned, confused or with a bad taste in your mouth. We want you to be equipped and empowered to thrive so you can move on to do the best work of your life.

How do we do this?

We are exclusive to employees – we only advise, act for and represent employees meaning you can trust that we are completely on your side.

We make employment law user-friendly and easy to understand.

We provide exceptional legal services and bespoke solutions tailored just for you and your circumstances.

We deliver price certainty – we hate fee surprises as much as you do and believe price should be determined by value, not the time taken to deliver.

We inspire you to succeed in your chosen profession.

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